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Personal Uses

  • Funeral – Life insurance proceeds can ensure that there is enough money for proper funeral and burial expenses.
  • Debt – Personal bills, credit card debt, student loans, and personal notes can be covered by life insurance in the event of an individual’s death.
  • Mortgage Protection – The proceeds of a life insurance policy can pay off the balance of a mortgage or provide an income stream to pay monthly mortgage or rent payments.
  • Income Replacement – In the event of an individual’s death, life insurance proceeds can provide a supplemental income stream to ensure that the surviving family members are able to maintain the same standard of living.
  • Education – Life insurance proceeds can ensure that the education costs of the insured’s children are covered.
  • Taxes – Federal estate and state inheritance taxes can be pre-funded using life insurance to preserve the value of an estate.
  • Donations/Gifts – An individual can use a life insurance policy to fund a donation to a charity or leave a gift to a family member.